Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dinner Impossible

Robert Irvine has been Executive Chef for Donald Trump’s Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort and for Caesars Atlantic City in Atlantic City. He was Head Chef of a team of superstar chefs, including Ming Tsai, Todd English and Roberto Donna, at the 2005 Academy Awards dinner for the Children Uniting Nations charity event, hosted by Paula Abdul and Wyclef Jean.
If you could combine James Bond with MacGyver, you would get Robert Irvine, a real life chef extraordinaire and the host of Dinner: Impossible. Each week, Robert (with the help of his two sous-chefs, George and George) is thrown a new culinary curveball and the team must figure out a way to solve their challenge before time runs out. From making dinner for 150 passengers aboard a luxury locomotive to recreating an authentic 18th century meal, will he succeed or will it truly be, Dinner: Impossible?

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