Thursday, January 25, 2007

And Then There Were Two!

Last nights show was great. The chefs made the meals of the season. I'm very impressed with Marcel's' creation. I would have licked my plate. It was sad to see Sam go, not because he made the best food but because he was Top Chef material.

I Spent 10 days at the Waikoloa Village, Hawaii. Let me be the first to tell you, If you have the money, spend it in Hawaii. The food was delish and the people were wonderful. Hawaii is the type of place where I would spend the rest of my life.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I Miss This Guy!

The Japanese version of Iron Chef is so much more challenging then the American version. There, I said it! Give me a turkey and I could do just as good as Mario Batali.
Besides my issues with the ingredients, there's the issue of the show itself. The Japanese show had a dark medieval feel to it witch made it very attractive to "chefs". The truth is that the "battle" feel of the original Iron Chef is long gone.
The one thing I like about the new show is Alton Brown. His strange behavior lightens up the show.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

What The F...?

I just don't get it! Why would you shave such a nice head of hair? We live in a wacky world. I know that there's a lot of guys and gals out there that like this look. Not this guy! I still like hair on women( well you know what I'm sayin). Top Chef tomorrow night, who's gettin the boot?

So Yummy

Sushi has to be the best meal ever. I love to venture out to NYC and hit up the best of the best. Sushi Samba put a little Latin twist on sushi. I've eaten at the Miami restaurant and found it to be a extremely pleasant experience. Is it me or does sushi have a sexy side to it. There's something about the delicate flavors that get me in the mood.